Things You Should Know Before Studying In Japan

things you should know before studying in japan

Know some Japanese

Going to another country that doesn’t speak your language is hard enough, but imagine if you didn’t even know a lick of the language. Always have a language book on hand and be sure to learn a few common words, as well as hiragana (the characters used in Japanese writing). This will really help you get around and allow you to ask for something you need. We can help you fully with learning Japanese.

Japanese clothing sizes run small

An American size 2-4 is considered a large in Japan so make sure you bring enough clothes and shoes for your stay. Don’t over-pack though! Bring clothes that you can layer so you’ll have multiple looks with just a few items.

Get ready to walk

People walk everywhere in Japan. Public transportation is very common, but you will still have to walk to the stop or station. I suggest investing in some quality walking shoes!

Say yes to everything

Well, maybe not everything, but if someone invites you to an event or just to hang out, say yes. You never know what an amazing experience is waiting, so don’t miss out!

Be prepared to speak English, even when you don’t want to

Depending on who you meet, if they speak English they’ll probably want to practice their skills with you, and often. While you should definitely be willing to help with their English practice, make them aware that you would like to work on your Japanese skills too!

Slippers are a common courtesy

Every house you enter, and even some buildings, require you to wear slippers. Be prepared to follow suit, this is polite behavior.

Don’t freak out if you get lost

You will get lost, but don’t fret. This is completely normal for anyone studying abroad. Think calmly and try to find someone who speaks English, if you’re language skills aren’t that great, simply ask for directions. Most people are very kind and will try their best to help you.


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